Bill Buttram Photography | Fredericksburg, VA

Why do I need to call now?

Appointment times in the summer fill up fast. Sessions are booked on a first-call basis and seniors who call later miss all the early specials. Once it’s done, you can relax and enjoy the rest of the summer.

What about retouching?

Retouching will remove blemishes and soften facial lines. It will not remove glare on glasses, strap marks, unshaven beards or out-of-place hair or clothing. Retouching is included on the poses you order from. Extensive retouching is available at an additional charge.

What if I wear glasses?

If you normally wear glasses, wear them for your portrait, but have the lenses removed or obtain a pair of empty frames just like yours. It is difficult and expensive to remove glass glare from photographs.

What about makeup and grooming?

Most of our seniors (guys and gals) elect to get our photographic makeover. You style your hair (before arrival) and we will apply your photographic makeup for a natural look that significantly enhances your eyes and evens skin tones.

GALS: If you plan on having your eyebrows waxed, please do so at least five days before your session. Try your best to avoid tan lines. Tan lines can not be covered without our makeover. Add $25 to makeover fee for light tan lines. Add $50 for heavy tan lines.

GUYS: If planning a haircut, please get it done at least five days before your session. Be sure to have a clean shave for your portraits. Razor stubble can not be retouched. Also, we recommend that you use hair gel sparingly, Too much can make your hair look wet.

What should I bring to my session?

Bring all of the accessories for your outfits, such as simple jewelry, shoes, belts, etc. Bring any props, such as sports gear, musical instruments, your favorite hat, collectibles – anything that expresses your uniqueness. We can discuss that in detail at your design conference.

What if it rains?

If it rains, please keep your appointment as planned. We will do your studio session that day. Frequently, summer showers clear quickly. If weather does not cooperate, we will reschedule your outdoor session another day.

Can I get my picture taken with my pet?

Absolutely! Bringing pets is among the personal favorites of our seniors. But someone must be available to take care of your pet outside the studio (we have to avoid allergy problems with other clients).

What about my yearbook photo?

We can meet your school yearbook picture criteria in color, black & white or digital format in whatever size is required. For your information, in 1999 Paul D. Stapleton, Superintendent of Public Instruction in Virginia, sent a letter to all local superintendents advising that on advice from the Attorney General “that so long as the photograph meets the year book’s specifications and timetable, the student should be able to use it, at no additional cost, in lieu of a photograph taken by the school contract photographer.”

How do I place my order?

We will schedule an appointment within 10 days of your session to view the results with a slide show. After that exciting presentation, we will go over your photographs one by one to help in making your final selections.

What about a guarantee?

At Bill Buttram Photography you won’t have to worry about how your portraits turn out. We go that extra mile to create a portrait that you will be happy to share with family and friends. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.